Archbishop and Papal Nuncio Józef Wesołowski is the latest member of the Catholic faith to face allegations of child sexual abuse. Dominican Republic prosecutors investigating the former man of the cloth have concluded that he sexually abused at least five boys under the age of 15. Santo Domingo, the country's capital city, is where allegations first aired on a local program, stating that Wesołowski paid to have sex with minor boys.

Investigative reports revealed that the Polish priest was a regular visitor to Zona Colonial area of Santo Domingo, where he was seen drinking libations and paying for sex in open areas. The 65-year-old represented the Vatican's interests in the Catholic-majority country for six years before the allegations surfaced. Dominican authorities investigated after the abuse allegation surfaced, and his duties were officially revoked by the Vatican in August after findings and testimonies from the five young men was sent to the Vatican, claiming molestation. Another damning testimony suggests that Wesołowski abused cocaine and had sexual relations with a deacon.

The Vatican and the church have been fully cooperative with the investigation, according to Dominican authorities. Authorities are now determining if they will charge the priest with child sexual abuse. He's since been recalled to Rome.

Catholicism and child sexual abuse are becoming increasingly correlated as allegations, trials, investigations and convictions have linked priests, nuns and members of Catholic order to the malicious behavior. As young as three years old, though a majority of the children's ages are between 11 and 14, clergymen have been/are being prosecuted for forcing/coercing children to participate in acts of anal, oral or penetrative sex.

In Latin America, the most famous Catholic sexual scandal is that of Father Marcial Maciel. He sexually abused eight minors, violated several women, and fathered six children. He was investigated for decades, and was accused by nine different individuals; nonetheless the cases were closed, and then reopened in 2004. He wasn't officially denounced by the Vatican until 2010.