Eduardo Garcia is a professional chef from Bozeman, Montana who quite literally has an upper hand on the competition. Garcia can grab a sizzling roast right out of the oven without an oven mitt. Also, if he cuts his hand he doesn't feel a thing nor does any blood drip out and contaminate the food. How is this all possible? Well, you see, Chef Garcia has a bionic hand (aka a prosthetic limb) and he isn't afraid to use it.

The story behind how Chef Garcia came to own this high tech device is fascinating and a bit squeamish. Back in 2011, the Chef and avid outdoorsman was elk hunting in the woods. He walked right over an unmarked power source and was badly burned and electrocuted. The wildly bizarre accident damaged Chef Garcia's left hand and part of his forearm so much that it needed to be amputated. Instead of letting the injury define him, the chef embarked on a journey to find a solution to his problem. For over two years Garcia struggled to work at the pace he was accustomed to and without all the dexterity a professional Chef needs to be successful. Thankfully, U.K.-based Touch Bionics had developed the most technologically advanced prosthetic hand ever created, the i-limb ultra.

The i-limb is 100 percent wireless and utilizes low energy Bluetooth technology enabling it to last many hours without charging. Using the muscles in Garcia's forearm, tiny motors inside the hand are able to grip objects up to 25 different ways. The hand also gradually gets stronger when needed. For example if the chef needs to life a heavy bag of potatoes the motors churn to make sure the hand grips tightly. The fingers on the hand also bend at the natural joints, enabling nearly any object to be picked up. Best of all, the hand doesn't impede Chef Garcia's work at all. In fact he says it has helped him in the kitchen.

The Chef's inspiring story is featured in Active Ingredient: Eduardo Garcia, a short film available to watch for free on Vimeo. The 8 minute film features footage of Garcia both before and after his terrible hunting accident. He was also featured on Good Morning America and showed off his fantastic progress with utilizing his newly acquired hand. The chef also cooked live on the show for the hosts. How delicious is that?

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