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Yahoo Closes Mexico and Argentina Offices, Downsizes in Latin America

Yahoo is downsizing its regional operations, especially in Latin America, closing offices in Mexico and Argentina.

Yelp's Diversity Report Reflects Improvement

Across Silicon Valley, diversity has been hailed as one of the tech industry's greatest problems. Facebook, for example, has publically acknowledged its struggles with gaining a diverse employee base. But diversity isn't quite the same challenge for one Bay Area-based tech company: Yelp.

Social Media Saturday: Facebook's Rooms, Twitter's No-Password Plan, Skype's Qik, and Ello Promises No Ads (Ever)

This week in social media, Facebook launched a new app as CEO Mark Zuckerberg impressed everyone with his Chinese language skills. Meanwhile, Twitter is planning to kill the password for good, Skype launched its own Snapchat clone, Snapchat launched its first ads, Tumblr embraced video in a big way, and upstart Ello got attention by legally promising to never advertise on its social network.

Threat Level Thursday: More Snowden, Yahoo Encrypts, the Safest Mobile OS, and the Air Force

In this week's Threat Level Thursday we get another dose of Edward Snowden, see emails getting safer, which mobile operating system trumps the other in keeping the baddies out, and the Air Force joining the cyber fight.

Acquiring Flurry Analytics, Yahoo Seeks to Boost Its Presence and Profit in Mobile

Yahoo has made a new acquisition, this time of a more behind-the-scenes asset than a Tumblr or Blink. Yahoo has made a deal with mobile analytics company Flurry, and despite the fact that you've probably never heard of the company before, it could be one of the largest Yahoo buys under CEO Marissa Mayer.

Diversity in Tech: LinkedIn's Workforce Report Continues White Male Trend Ahead of Women, Other Ethnicities

Men dominate the tech industry. That isn't new. LinkedIn's workforce diversity report further proved the gender and ethnicity imbalance.
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Diversity in Tech: Yahoo Releases Workforce Statistics: Latino Representation in Single Digits

Yahoo self-published their workplace diversity figures and revealed Latino representation is in single-digit figures.
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Argentine Model Sues Google, Yahoo Over Unauthorized Images: Photos Linked to Pornographic Websites

Argentine model Maria Belén Rodriguez is currently entangled in a lawsuit against Google and Yahoo, which she claimed linked her name and modeling photos to pornographic websites.

Yahoo to Debut a Video Service That Will Compete With YouTube

Ad rates will be pricier
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Social Media Saturday: Pinterest, a Serious Competitor; Foursquare Releases Swarm; Yahoo Buys Its Own Snapchat Clone

This week in social media, Pinterest emerged as a serious competitor in the social media industry. Meanwhile, Foursquare rolled out its new Swarm app, Yahoo bought a Snapchat clone called Blink, Snapchat itself was named one of the worst companies for data privacy, Twitter almost got banned in Russia, and Facebook tested a new location-based notification system that's a bit like Foursquare, with a little Google Now thrown in. It's time for Social Media Saturday!
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Google, Yahoo, Facebook Oppose FCC's New Net Neutrality Rules

Do you remember the day the internet went on strike against a bad piece of legislation? It may happen again. The internet dream team behind 2011's SOPA protests has sent what may be the opening salvo in another pressure campaign, this time to stop the Federal Communications Commission's reportedly proposed "Open Internet" rules.

Net Neutrality: Netflix Goes Directly to the FCC as Google, Yahoo, and Others May Launch a SOPA-Style Protest

In the wake of leaks about new, weaker, Open Internet rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission, and soon after Netflix had to pay two internet service providers for better access to their customers, Netflix has taken its concerns directly to the FCC. Meanwhile, Google, Yahoo, and other internet heavies may be planning a SOPA-like grassroots protest for net neutrality.
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Defiant Transparency: New Policies Tell Users When Gov. Wants Their Data at Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo

After a year of learning about the U.S. National Security Agency's internet spying programs, at home and abroad, frustration has led major U.S. technology companies to defiantly change their transparency policies. Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook have all announced they're updating their policies to inform users when the government requests a seizure of their data.
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Yahoo Weather vs. Weather Underground App Showdown for Android and iOS

It seems like everyone agrees that Yahoo's homepage is a mess, but thankfully the web giant has a better graphic design team for its mobile weather application.
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'Game of Thrones' Influencing Parents Choice of Baby Names

"Game of Thrones" is known for three things: winter, sex and long-winded names.
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Yahoo! Top Website Among Mobile Devices in Mexico, What It Means for Mobile Advertisers in Latin America

Yahoo!'s websites have been named the top website in Mexico as a digital measurement and analytical firm launched in the country.
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