Yahoo is downsizing its regional operations, especially in Latin America, closing offices in Mexico and Argentina.

Yahoo's closure of offices in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, Argentina was confirmed by Tech Crunch. Yahoo will keep Latin American teams in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Coral Gables, Florida.

Employees Informed, No Outsourcing Planned

A Yahoo spokesperson said employees in Argentina and Mexico were told the offices would be closing. The spokesperson said all employees that are affected will be treated with respect and fairness.

Yahoo considers Latin America an important region for business. They plan to continue to invest in people and products in the region and do not plan to outsource operations to third-party workers.

International Operations Downsized in the Past

CEO Marissa Mayer and Yahoo have been downsizing their international operations for quite some time. The company has reduced staff and closed offices in India, China, portions of Asia and Europe and the Middle East as necessary.

Yahoo's previous closures and staff reductions were done to keep the company fresh and try to recover after years of poor performance compared to Google. Mayer was in charge of acquiring new startup companies and developing new talent. Yahoo decided to close regional offices and cut staff so that they could focus on the core business.

Investors Frustrated

Investors are frustrated with Yahoo's failure to turn around the business. Some investors are calling for spinning off or selling different parts of the company, while others want Mayer to be gone completely.

Yahoo might be waiting until they release their earnings on Feb. 2 and seeing how investors react, before they make more big decisions like laying off staff or closing more offices, according to a report from Reuters.

For now, Yahoo is still hiring and looking for new talent to help the company stay competitive.