After the Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom divorce, it seemed that there is no other better person to give advice but someone who just went through a separation himself, none other than Bruce Jenner.

According to She Knows magazine, Bruce Jenner has been giving advice to the NBA star Lamar Odom on how to move on and get over his recent divorce dealings with Khloe Kardashian. Previous reports stated too that the former Olympic athlete has been always supportive of the player especially on his efforts to rise above his drug abuse issues and get back to playing on the hard court. A Hollywood Life article mentioned that Bruce advised Lamar to avoid staying in the past and decide to move on.

A source mentioned in the site claimed too that Jenner told Lamar to keep off from any form of media at present so that he won't be affected by any gossips revolving around his relationship with Khloe. Now, what Lamar is worried about how he will be portrayed by his former wife in the famous Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality show, Pop Crush reported.

The Radar Online website wrote that a source mentioned to them how Khloe gave the assurance to Lamar that the public's perception won't turn out bad for Lamar even after the divorce. For sure though, the primary storyline for the KUWTK will center around Khloe's formal separation from Lamar. This makes the former NBA star scared that his cheating and drug issues will be discussed on the show too.

One of Lamar's constant struggles at the moment is how he can return to the NBA world possibly with the Clippers team. However, IBTimes AU stated that this is now not most likely to happen with the team not having room anymore for an addition of a big guy, prior to the injury that Chris Paul had.

As for now, it may be best to get Bruce Jenner's advice to move on gradually and focus on getting his life back on track by aiming for the right direction this time around.