Although it has been months since Breaking Bad officially ended for good, the show has found a way to live on.

In reports that are very reminiscient of ones found in the AMC show Breaking Bad, the federal department of Homeland Security in Albuquerque, N.M. is saying that they have found methamphetamine tinted with blue color.

While the product was marketed on Breaking Bad as being very pure, this train of thought seems to have spilled over from fiction into reality. However, the blue meth in New Mexico is not seen as pure at all but rather just cut with chemicals to make it blue.

Kevin Abar, who works as the assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico, said that the blue meth being sold is making people even more sick, the Associated Press reported.

This will likely raise questions as far as the effect that shows like Breaking Bad have on the viewers. On one hand it may help in enabling people who wish to get involved with these particular drugs but it also helps expose the harsh realities of the drug trade as well as the effects the drugs had on the characters in the show.

In other related news, it was recently reported that November will be the start date for the spinoff prequel to Breaking Bad -- known as Better Call Saul -- based off the corrupt lawyer featured in Breaking bad. Fans are hoping for an appearance from the stars on Breaking Bad but it all depends on their availability and the way the show is structured.

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