With the Golden State Warriors defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers, the next big stage for basketball fans is the draft. The 2015 NBA Draft is Thursday, June 25. Trades should be looming for more picks, but we also have some great players who are set to become free agents this offseason. NBA free agency begins Wednesday, July 1.

Let's count down the top five NBA players who are entering free agency this offseason.

5. Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo has been involved in trade rumors with the Los Angeles Lakers for years. He's an elite ball distributor, a champion, and he's still just 29 years old. But, teams still have to be cautious here. Rondo is a terrible free throw shooter (39.7 percent last year), and he isn't exactly the model player to coach. He's had his clashes with Doc Rivers when playing with the Boston Celtics, and last year with Rick Carlisle and the Dallas Mavericks. Rondo also needs to improve his mid range jump shooting skills. Rondo is a great prototypical point guard, but general managers have to be careful not to break the bank on this player.

4. Jimmy Butler

This is a tough one. Butler really made a name for himself last year when he bet on himself, and won. Butler is a restricted free agent this offseason, meaning the Chicago Bulls have first dibs. Many NBA fans believe Butler is worth a max contract considering he has increased his scoring average all four years of his career. Butler is also a very consistent defender. It doesn't appear likely that the Bulls will let Butler escape from the Windy City, but they have to be careful because Derrick Rose still has more than $40 million in cap hits remaining.

3. DeAndre Jordan

The Los Angeles Clippers have one of the best big men in the league today. For how long that remains, we'll just have to wait and see. DeAndre Jordan routinely leads the league in rebounds, field goal percentage, and he hasn't missed a single game since the 2010-11 season. His biggest problem is of course free throw shooting. Jordan is a career (close your eyes) 41.7 percent free throw shooter. Regardless of his struggles from the line, Jordan is a monster in the paint for opposing defenses. The New York Knicks would be the best fit for Jordan.

2. LaMarcus Aldridge

For everything LaMarcus Aldridge does, he's still a very underrated player in this league. He scored a career high 23.4 points per game last season with the Portland Trail Blazers, and he's been selected to the last four All-Star games. Aldridge does shoot the basketball a lot, having led the NBA in two point attempts the last three years, but he's well worth adding to a roster at the young age of 29. The Dallas Mavericks have been tied to Aldridge, who was born, went to high school and played college ball at Texas.

1. Marc Gasol

It was close, but Marc Gasol is the best player entering free agency this offseason. The 7-foot-1 center out of Barcelona averaged a career high 17.4 points per game last season, and he averages nearly eight rebounds per game for his career. Unlike Rondo or Jordan, Gasol is a terrific free throw shooter, and he is a great passer for a big man. Most likely Gasol will re-sign with the Memphis Grizzlies, but other teams in need of a big man include the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors.

Other notable free agents include: Jeremy Lin, Reggie Jackson, Monta Ellis and Kevin Love, if he opts out. Kawhi Leonard is a restricted free agent this offseason, and is expected to re-sign with the San Antoni Spurs. LeBron James may also opt out and back in with the Cavaliers to increase his salary. There has been no indication that James will play elsewhere next season.

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