Microsoft and Sony have had so much success with their next-gen video game console releases that one of its competitors.

Nintendo, which had great success with the Wii, has struggled to keep up as of late and it is understandable why. From outdated game consoles to graphics that are not up to par with its competitors, Nintendo's products have seen better days.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that a report indicated that the company will lose $336 million. Furthermore, Nintendo's Wii U sales predictions were slashed by more than half -- 70 percent -- and only 28 million units are expected to be sold.

However, not only does Nintendo have a huge uphill battle in keeping up with its tough competitors, Microsoft and Sony also have an edge because their most recent game consoles were just released in November. Although the PlayStation 3 was released before the Xbox One and is said to be having more success than its Microsoft counterpart, the two game consoles are all alone in the race for the best game console in the world as of now.

Gamers can grab a PlayStation 4 ($399) for $100 less than the Xbox One ($499) and, although the Xbox One has been marketed as more than just a game console but rather a complete entertainment system, the interest still seems to fall on the Sony's PlayStation 4 side as gamers continue to value the actual gaming experience more than external additions.

Still, we will have to wait for Sony and Microsoft to release more exclusive games to see which console really ends up having the edge later on.

What do you think about Nintendo slipping in the race against Microsot and Sony for the best game consoles in the world? In the comments section below, let us know which console you have and which one you think is better!