Have you ever tried to boldly change the world?

If you're America Ferrera, who lends her voice to Astrid in "Dragons: Race to the Edge," an all-new Netflix original series from DreamWorks Animation, then you know the task at hand.

On June 26, from the creator of the blockbuster "How to Train Your Dragon" films, "Dragons: Race to the Edge" will premiere around the world and reignite our love of dragons.

Hiccup and Toothless return in this all-new action packed series.

What is their quest?

"To explore strange new worlds, seek out never-before-seen dragons and end the war between Vikings and dragons once and for all. Their destiny: to boldly change the world."

The Netflix original series is a wonder for children and adults alike with the added bonus of incredible imagery from DreamWorks Animation.

Ferrera, who lent her voice to the "How to Train Your Dragon" films, recalled an earlier interview how emotional she got when she only saw the humanity of the characters and not their animated selves in "How to Train Your Dragon 2."

"When I saw the rough cuts, the animation wasn't complete, especially in the third act. I had a sense of what the story was, but the animation wasn't done. And what really struck me was there were times where I forgot I was watching animated characters," America expressed to Vulture.

"There were scenes where I felt like the facial expressions from the performances felt so human. And I just forgot. I was just engrossed in the story and I was so moved. Jay (Baruchel) definitely caught me crying. I was sitting next to Jay and he turns to me and he's like, 'Are you crying?' 'Yes, yes I am.' But it was wonderful. I loved this film..."

In addition to Ferrera, Jay Baruchel stars as the voice of Hiccup, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fishlegs and T.J. Miller as Tuffnut.

Check out the trailer for "Dragons: Race to the Edge," which will be available on Netflix on June 26, 2015.