Ever since Google announced the Android M during the company's 2015 I/O conference, many smartphone users on the Android operating system have been eager to know what the next update will offer. 

Android 5.0 Lollipop brought major changes to the system in terms of aesthetics. However, up to this day, not all devices on Android have already updated to the new OS because of some delays in rolling out the new system. With Android M, it is reported that Google focused more on the stability and usability of the system for the users.

Daze Info provided a list of the possible features that Android smartphone owners can expect with the upcoming OS and here are some of them:

First, through the new update, customized preferences in the status notification bar of the device will return. This element was removed with the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop in which the system automatically shows the "most used feature" on the status bar.

With the upcoming OS, users can now customize the apps they want featured by adding those they deem are of more importance and deleting those they do not want to see.

Google has also included a full App State backup to the latest operating system. On Android M, apps that have been installed in the smartphone will be backed up automatically to the Google Drive. This will include all app data, settings and preferences.

The new feature will help users who change into a new device to reinstall previously downloaded apps from the Google Drive in a much easier fashion. The tech giant also gives the users the leeway to choose which app to backup automatically.

There is a limit of 25MB data for each app, however, noted Forbes. Huge data files will not be included in the backup on Google Drive. This limit is quite similar to iOS' iCloud.

If Google Drive is not enough, users can now rely on external memory cards to store and backup their app data. The company created a function that "adopts" external storage cards as an internal memory so that any app and its data could be stored to save space in the device.

A new App Drawer will also debut, added Daze Info. Users who have numerous applications installed in their devices will find this very useful. Recently used apps will automatically take the top spot on the search bar for easier access.

Another minor change in the app drawer is that it can now be viewed vertically for faster viewing.

For those who do not enjoy looking at bright screens, Android M will also add a new Dark Theme for users who prefer a dimmer look for their phones.

No exact date has been given for the arrival of Android M but Nexus owners can probably get their hands on the latest update around August.