Think that men are nothing but cheating dogs who hate shopping but love the plush stripper booties? Well, according to a new study, that's not the case for the majority of men at all!

According to The Chicago Tribune, Esquire Magazine conducted a poll of over 1000 men across different demographic divides online. And the results were surprising:

  • More than 75 percent of men polled don't like going to strip clubs; half of the men polled enjoy shopping
  • Men over the age of 45 aren't likely to have sex more than twice a week; for men under the age of 45, it's not unusual to have no sex at all
  • Black men (26 percent) are more likely to get manicures than their white counterparts
  • The average man cries at least once a month
  • It's not unusual for a man to tell a woman that he loves her
  • While men commonly use moisturizer, hair products, and cologne, they rarely dye their hair or use spray tanner

And according to The Sydney Morning Herald, these results surprised everyone at Esquire.

"A lot of men have sneaking suspicions that what they say or do is not normal by traditional definitions of manhood, from how much they care about sports and cars to their taste in music and movies," Richard Dorment, senior editor at Esquire, said in an interview. "The thing that deeply surprised us, that we have the statistical data for, is how the definition of conventional, masculine behaviour has expanded to include all the things that up until a few years ago were considered totally alien. [But] there are some things about manhood as it existed in previous generations that are still more or less the same, particularly the interest and emphasis on sports and the excitement that men get from watching and playing sports."