"Monday Night Raw" kicks off from Washington, D.C., one week after members of The Authority beat down Brock Lesnar.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is on a figurative high after knocking down Lesnar, which was likely done to keep Lesnar off television for a week or two before the next pay-per-view event -- "WWE Battleground." Rollins is confirmed to be in a tag-team match for tonight with Kane against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

The tag-team match will likely continue the mini feud between Ambrose and Kane, which has been brewing since the "Raw" after "Money in the Bank." With Reigns in the main event, expect Bray Wyatt to make another appearance -- most likely from backstage and through the titantron.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens continues to be strong in the ring and on the mic. After United States Champion John Cena's promo last week, he's on fire, but Owens will no doubt issue another challenge ahead of their "Battleground" match for the United States Championship.

Ryback's triple-threat feud rolls on as the Big Show has made it his mission to defeat Ryback. The Miz, however, could be gaining momentum since he is host of the "WWE Tough Enough" after show, which has received generally positive reviews.

The Bella Twins' dominance rolls on with their alliance with Alicia Fox. Paige has yet to find someone to help her combat the Bellas, and tonight will likely be another showcase of the Bellas' growing power. WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella is now the second-longest-reigning Divas Champion, surpassing Maryse's first title reign of 216 days. Nikki still has a couple months before topping AJ Lee's reign of 295 days.

Rusev is still in depressed mode since Lana went with Dolph Ziggler. Last Monday, Summer Rae appeared to help Rusev retrieve one of his crutches, and tonight, she may further reveal future plans with Rusev.

"Monday Night Raw" airs weekly at 8 p.m. EST on the USA Network.


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