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CBS ‘Hawaii Five-O’ Season 6 News: Flashbacks to 1800’s Will Happen

First Posted: Jun 29, 2015 03:57 PM EDT
Hawaii Five-O

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In a new twist for the hot, action-packed series "Hawaii Five-O," the revamped show will enter its sixth season this fall on CBS and things will get a little different, according to Natalie Abrams of Entertainment Weekly.

Season 6 will open with a flashback series that tells the story of a time on the island when, in the 1800s, pirates came to there and raided it, which took millions from the inhabitants at the time. This was also a time period when the island was not a U.S. state.

The story will be loosely based on actual events and it will be revealed in the episode whether the flashback sequence was the true account or not, according to "Hawaii Five-O" executive producer Peter Lenkov.

"It took a lot of research to find this account, and funny enough it was discovered after I had started to develop the story," Lenkov told EW. "In the premiere, we will tell whether the story was true of not."

The premiere episode for the season will be centered around a treasure hunt (aside from Adam and Kono's reception) by island natives and residents. This is a story line that will get the Five-O unit involved with McGarrett and the team getting tangled up in the frenzied mess.

Matt Mitovich of TVLine had previously dished that the episode will also be picking up shortly after season five's finale with Adam and Kono's reception. But their honeymoon will be a disaster. Lenkov also spoke with him about the storyline for the season opener.

"Kono's going to have the worst honeymoon anybody's ever had," Lenkov told TV Line. "It's going to be an interesting ride, that first episode!"

He went on to say that the story on tap for next season is going to be "very cool, very different, very big, and something like we've never done before." This obviously was before he dished the pirate and treasure angle to EW.

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