After the single worst season in New York Knicks franchise history, it's time for quite a bit of rebuilding.

The Knicks made a pretty questionable decision by selecting Latvian power forward Kristaps Porziņģis with the No. 4 overall draft pick. There's no doubt about it, Phil Jackson and the Knicks have to make some serious moves in free agency.

Most likely Marc Gasol will stay with the Memphis Grizzlies, it's going to be extremely tough to get LaMarcus Aldridge, and there's no telling how much Kevin Love will demand. The big name point guard set to hit NBA free agency on Wednesday, July 1 is Rajon Rondo.

To sign or not to sign? That is the big question in the Big Apple right now amongst Knicks fans at the moment.

At face value one would think this is a no-brainer. Rondo is an NBA Champion who helped the Boston Celtics reach the finals twice, beating the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008. The Knicks could certainly use an experienced champion like Rondo leading their offense. Although experienced, Rondo is still just 29 years old.

Another factor on the Knicks side is money. Rondo may be a very talented point guard, but his antics with the Dallas Mavericks last year decreased his value big time. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith estimates that Rondo cost himself at least $40 million. Now is the chance for the Knicks to get a great player at his cheapest price.

Spanish guard Jose Calderon, who turns 34 years old next season, led the Knicks in assists per game last year with just 4.7. Calderon has just two years remaining on his contract.

Rondo won't light up the scoreboard with his shooting, but he is a tremendous passer. Arguably the best ball distributor in the league, Rondo averages an elite 8.3 assists per game for his career. Rondo is a John Stockton type of point guard, and Carmelo Anthony could be his Karl Malone.

But there is another side to this potential free agency signing, a side that has some general managers pretty cautious.

There's no doubt Rondo can pass the ball, but he's very limited. He's not going to take over a game like Russell Westbrook or Stephen Curry. He has shown that he can adapt to other players' style before, but he was maybe the fourth best player on the Celtics championship squad after Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

Rondo's biggest offensive deficiency is shooting. Numerous opposing teams leave Rondo open from the perimeter and even the mid range area knowing he poses no threat whatsoever to them. Rondo's career 3-point shooting percentage is a mediocre 26.3 percent, and it doesn't end there. Rondo is one of the worst free throw shooting point guards in the league. Last season Rondo made less than 40 percent from the line and is a career 60.9 percent free throw shooter.

There's also the behavior issue. Clashes with Rick Carlisle and Doc Rivers doesn't paint a nice picture for Rondo. Once is a blip, twice (with coaches and players) is a trend. If the Knicks do bring in Rondo, they have to set the record straight early on.

What do you think? Should the Knicks try and make a run at signing Rondo, or is he too much trouble? Vote in our fan poll below.

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