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Britney Spears' Ex Kevin Federline and Jason Trawick: Which One is Doing A Better Job of Getting into Shape? You Be the Judge!

First Posted: Jan 24, 2014 03:57 PM EST

Don't know what it is but it seems like every time a man breaks up with Britney Spears they put on some significant pounds. K-Fed attempted to loose the massive weight he gained after divorcing Britney on Celebrity Fit Club in 2010, but then gained it all back. Now it seems like Jason Trawick is having the same fate, as he tells TMZ he will loose his big belly in a month.

It's not about being fat. Like Jennifer Lawrence says, "that word shouldn't even exist." It's about being healthy and avoiding any diseases caused by being overweight. Ex-husband and baby daddy K-Fed is no stranger to gaining weight after he parted ways with pop royalty Britney Spears. He lost all of the weight after 2010's Celebrity Fit Club and then gained it all back. As we got used to seeing a fuller K-Fed grocery shopping and at his kids games, he has recently surprised us with some serious weight loss thanks to his Fresh Diet Plan.

Seems like Kevin Federline wants to be able to play with his growing amount of kids. He is a dad once again and now a new husband, marrying girlfriend Victoria Prince. Kevin is also a spokesperson for The Fresh Diet, a diet plan he signed up to be represent after loosing 50lbs on it in 2013. K-Fed has been seen grocery shopping around town with much more healthy food items and no belly. Let's see if he really sticks to his weight loss plan this time.

Jason Trawick started dating Britney Spears in 2010 and even became her co-conservator. They were engaged in 2011 and then broke off their relationship all together a year after that. We haven't seen much of Brit's former fiancé and agent since then. Well, except when he hung out with Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, but that's a different story. TMZ recently photographed Jason leaving a pizza shop, box in hand, as he devoured a pizza slice.

Jason put on some pounds and he didn't seem to care in the picture. But Trawick took to Twitter to respond to TMZ with a picture of his bare round belly with the caption "Thanks @TMZ I needed this. Started my diet/workout program today. C u in a month!" Aw, looks like Jason was embarrassed yet motivated by the peculiar pizza picture. Guess Brit's exes turn to food when they start to miss her... weird.

Who do you think will have a better bod by the end of this year? Kevin or Jason?

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