Battlefield 4 gamers are in for a special treat in the early portion of February, according to one of the game's developers.

EA DICE said via the forums that we can expect the patch to be released by next month but it could be even sooner.

"We are aiming to get a new update live for all platforms at the end of January/beginning of February (timing might change.) This update will include a number of stability improvements, tweaks, and fixes," EA DICE said. "We will get back to you with the change notes as the update goes live."

He went on to explain that the game's creators are looking to do what seems to be a very popular trend in the gaming industry lately -- listen to customer feedback.

"We are actively looking for your feedback on a couple of core gameplay balancing items," the developer said. "In the upcoming weeks, we will also share a large number of balancing tweaks that we are making to Battlefield 4 in future updates, including changes to DMR performance, anti-air, and more.  

Just recently Rockstar Games decided to give fans a chance to be a part of the game's creation by allowing fans to submit user-created missions. Whether the game creators are looking for feedback or introducing user-created missions, it's all a part of the gaming industry's desire to make games that the fans want to play.

"The Battlefield 4 Control Room is where we gather all the latest intel on what we are doing to constantly improve the game based on your feedback. We at DICE have a long tradition of supporting our games and our community well after the release of a title. While millions of players are enjoying Battlefield 4, we are aware that some players are experiencing issues with the game. While some platforms have had only minor problems, others have had more than their fair share of issues. Resolving these is our #1 priority."

What do you think about the incoming patch? Are there certain things that you want to see changed in the game? Let us know in the comments section below.