Amazon Prime's pilot season has yielded some successful TV episodic originals for the online streaming-buffet giant. Many series' have made successful debuts on the pilot program, which includes "Alpha House" and "Transparent." And now, customers of the premium streaming service are going to be treated to the highly anticipated release of "The Man In The High Castle," according to Deadline.

The pilot episode for this show premiered earlier this year during the pilot season on Amazon and has been greeted with numerous critical and fan approvals. It is based off the novel by Philip K. Dick, which depicts an alternate history of the 1960s.

In this series, the 1960s are dominated by the Axis forces that had won World War II. Japan has taken over the western half of the U.S. and Germany occupies the eastern portion of the country.

Suffice it to say, the sexual revolution and the ensuing counter-culture has no hope of emerging during this period of time when the two governing factions that occupy the United States have zero tolerance for disobedience to the new state powers.

But of course, there is an underground force emerging that has its sights set on exposing the German atrocities that took place across Europe against Jewish civilians.

This also makes for a shaky relationship between Japan and Germany while occupying America. Suffice it to say, Germany has seen Japan as inferior and only allow them to occupy the western half of the states to maintain their relations with an ally.

"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing," a character from the series says in the trailer.

This high-energy thriller takes dramatic turns at every moment, and with so many different characters and so much on the line, the edge-of-your-seat action is pretty much nonstop.

Check out the dramatic, high-energy thriller trailer below for the upcoming series on Amazon Prime.