Will Directioners be seeing Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards together again on stage? A photo on Columbia Records' website is suggesting just so.

"LITTLE MIX 30M+ VID VIEWS SUPPORTING: DEMI NOW, 1D THIS SUMMER," reads a button on Columbia Records' website, says Metro.

Giddy yet? Most Mixers and Directioners are more than ecstatic. Metro reports that the button looks like Little Mix has been confirmed to be One Direction's opening act in their Where We Are tour which incidentally also kicks of this summer.

However, Zerrie fans might just have to wait a little longer for another on stage reunion of One Direction and Little Mix as Cambio reports that Perrie Edward's mother thinks otherwise.

Asked on Twitter whether Little Mix could join One Direction in the Where We Are tour, Perrie Edward's mom responded, "Don't think so baba xx," quotes Cambio.

Metro also notes that some of Little Mix' Salute tour dates clash with One Direction's Where We Are tour dates, making the much sought after reunion highly unlikely.

Little Mix' UK Salute tour starts May 16 at the Birmingham LG Arena and concludes June 6 at Brighton Centre, says Sugarscape.

On the other hand, One Direction's Where We Are tour starts a month earlier on April 25 in Latin America, according to the tour's webpage. Based on the website, the only schedules that Little Mix might be making a surprise appearance on 1D's Where We Are tour in the UK are May 28 at Sunderland Stadium of Light, June 1 at Manchester Etihad Stadium and June 3 at Edinburgh Murrayfield Stadium.

It has been confirmed that Little Mix will be joining Demi Lovato in her Neon Lights tour along with Fifth Harmony, reports Cambio. Demi's Neon Lights tour kicks off early next month at the SAP Center San Jose, California, according to Ticketmaster.