It's been exactly two weeks since the free agent period began, and just six days since the free agent signing period started. This offseason was fast and furious when it came to free agent signings.

While some teams missed the mark overpaying for players, others made outstanding decisions to improve their roster.

Here were the top five best free agent signings this offseason.

5. Paul Pierce- Los Angeles Clippers

What a great move this was by the Clippers. Paul Pierce is obviously past his prime, but he's still "The Truth." Pierce is exactly what the Clippers need, a clutch veteran player with championship experience to help get team over the edge. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul III create a great combination, but Pierce will hit big shots for this club next season. Not only will Pierce help the Clippers win more games, but they saved a huge amount of cap space here. Pierce's contract with the Clippers is for three years, $10.6 million with only $8 million guaranteed.

4. Greg Monroe- Milwaukee Bucks

How times have changed. Normally a big man looking to make a name for himself would choose to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers or the New York Knicks, but Greg Monroe chose the Milwaukee Bucks. Monroe is one of the most underrated players in the game today. He's a great rebounder, average scorer, good passer, and a great free throw shooter for a big man. The Bucks also didn't have to break the bank on Monroe giving him a three-year $50 million contract. Many NBA experts thought Monroe would get the max deal for sure this offseason.

3. DeAndre Jordan- Los Angeles Clippers

This was a real close one. It looked like DeAndre Jordan was going to sign with the Dallas Mavericks after mutually agreeing with Mark Cuban. Unfortunately for Mavericks fans, he changed his mind, and chose to return to the Clippers. The Clippers knew they couldn't lose a player like Jordan. Jordan isn't an exceptional scorer by any stretch of the imagination. But he is a phenomenal rebounder, and he brings a physical element that the Clippers must have.

2. Everything the Spurs Did and More

Okay, so maybe I'm cheating a bit here. There are too many good decisions the Spurs made this offseason to only highlight one. They signed the best free agent in LaMarcus Aldridge to a four deal making them the favorites in the West once again. To add even more size to their front court, the Spurs were able to get David West, who turned down a $12 million player from the Indiana Pacers, for just $1 million. Perhaps the most underrated signing for the Spurs was their sharpshooter Danny Green, who made a career high 191 three point shots last season. On top of all that, the Spurs re-signed future Hall of Famers Tim Duncan and Argentinian great Manu Ginobili to team friendly contracts.

1. LeBron James- Cleveland Cavaliers

What could be better than keeping Duncan, Ginobili, Green and adding West and Aldridge? Keeping and convincing LeBron James to stay with your team is a fine way to start. In a terrible weak Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers are once again heavy favorites to make it back to the finals. As expected, James opted out of his contract but (once again) re-signed with the team with a player option in it for after next season. Owner Dan Gilbert knows firsthand what it's like to lose James to another team, and he wasn't going let that happen again. Perhaps letting James have an input on managerial decisions (like Tristan Thompson) had a positive impact on James staying.

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