"East Los High" fans fret no more, Season 3 of "East Los High" is finally upon us.

Season 3 of Hulu's original and Emmy-nominated series, which kicked off on July 15, is cranking up the intensity with a new co-ed school dance team, the Bomb Squad, more love, sex and relationship drama and the struggles of being an undocumented immigrant while trying to just fit in and be a normal kid.

New cast member, Carlito Olivero, who plays Eddie, has been dealt this hand in the hugely popular hit series. In an exclusive interview with Latin Post, Olivero said that these topics "hit close to home" for the impressionable actor who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

In "East Los High," Eddie is "an all-American 17-year-old and doting caretaker to his diabetic mother. This good guy also has swagger, and sparks will fly between him and a couple of our favorite Bomb Squad girls both on and off the dance floor."

"This season we wanted to flip the script and show a different side of 'East Los High,'" Olivero told Latin Post. "The Bomb Squad goes co-ed. Eddie is a half-Mexican, half-Cuban kid that lives with his mother in East Los Angeles. His mother is sick so he is pretty much the caretaker of his Mom. That's his rock, that's his gem/ They are both undocumented, but he has to live life as normal as possible, but with a secret."

Oscar-nominated actress Catalina Sandino Moreno plays Eddie's (Olivero's) mother.

"She is absolutely phenomenal," he said. "The chemistry we had on set was great. I looked at her like she was my mom. She definitely brought the best out of me."

Immigration has been an especially hot topic lately with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump making headlines for his racist remarks, insulting Mexican immigrants.

"With all that's going on in politics and Donald Trump, this season is definitely going to hit close to home for a lot of people here in the U.S.," he explained. "This hit really close to home for me. I am half-Mexican and half-Puerto Rican, and I have seen so many instances, as far as seeing what my family had to go through to get to this country and the racism that came along with it. Being classified and racially profiled for the color of my skin and the way that I look."

While it's not always easy to combat ignorance and racism, Olivero is honored to channel his past experiences and further his pride for his culture and Hulu's all-Latino cast through his role on "East Los High."

"This character (Eddie) definitely pulled some emotional strings and brought back some past memories, but it's needed and I think that we are doing it in a great way," he said. "We're a culture of class. We're a very family-oriented group of people. We come from a history of love. We definitely need a show like this."

The Chicago native has been singing in English and Spanish since he was 5 years old. In 2014, he became a finalist on "The X Factor USA." In 2007, Olivero became the lead vocalist for the Latin Pop group Menudo, which later disbanded. More recently, Olivero has guest-starred on TNT's "Rizzoli & Isles" and was a lead in the Mario Van Peebles-directed teen-based film entitled "We the Party."

Check out the promo for "East Los High" Season 3, which also guest stars Christina Milian and Revolution's JD Pardo, and is currently streaming on Hulu.