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Windows 8.1 Update Download: Leaked Software Shows New Microsoft Features

First Posted: Feb 03, 2014 04:10 PM EST

Microsoft will not release its Windows 8.1 update until at least March, but the software has been leaked, exposing the updates' upcoming features.

Based on the leak, it seems that Microsoft is aiming for a more old-fashioned feel with its latest update.

"The most obvious change is a new title bar for Microsoft's Windows 8-style apps, allowing you to close, minimize, and snap apps to appear side by side with a mouse," The Verge reports. "It occupies a small amount of space at the top of all 'Metro' apps, and it appears to be included as more of a helpful option for mouse users to quickly navigate through apps.

Another change comes in the ability to launch apps from the taskbar. If a user hovers their mouse over the app's taskbar icon, the old preview window appears. Clicking on the window results in the app launching on the desktop, CNET reports.

The Start screen also gets a makeover in the leaked update, where right-clicking on its Live Tiles opens a new context menu, where users can adjust and remove the icon.

"Microsoft has added search and power buttons to the Start screen in the upper right corner..." PCWorld reports. "Clicking on the power button gives you options to shut down or restart your PC, while the search button simply calls up the pop-out search panel on the right."

In addition, users now have the option to pin modern UI apps to their desktop taskbar. Once the app is on the taskbar, users can preview it by hovering over the icon with their mouse.

Microsoft's Mail app and Control Panel see changes as well.

The leaked update can be downloaded illegally via different file-sharing websites.

According to rumors, Microsoft will release the Windows 8.1 update on Mar. 11. Other rumors claim that the update will come in April, the same month of Microsoft's Build developers conference.

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