Spokane residents led by a group of moms are trying to get 2,000 signatures to get a ballot initiative that would make it a misdemeanor for the baristas of Washington's "sexy" coffee stands to expose half a breast, any part of a nipple or any part of their genitals. Baristas at drive-through coffee stand establishments that go by names such as XXXtreme Espresso, Bare Beans and Devil's Brew wear outfits consisting of as little as body paint and G-strings.

"People say things like, 'It's no different than what you'd see at the beach,' but it absolutely is," said one of the moms. "You don't see girls with pasties or body paint or G-strings at the beach."

The Spokane City Council said they must collect at least 2,000 signatures before the council would consider putting their initiative on the ballot in November. The women behind the ballot initiative push said they aren't trying to shut down the shops but only to get the girls to cover up a little more.

"We feel like we're being pretty reasonable," one mom said. "We're not asking them to wear turtlenecks or anything like that. We'd just like them to wear bras or bikinis."

A group of baristas at two Grab-N-Go outlets in the Seattle area were arrested following a two-month undercover operation by police for performing strip shows for customers.

Customers had complained that the women were being paid to take off their clothes as they served clients at the drive-thru window.

The police lieutenant said "Citizens complained that these locations served more than just coffee." The investigation revealed "exhibition and exposure" and surveillance showed that "at times drinks were not served, but shows were paid for and given."

A police spokesman said the girls were exposing their entire bodies at the drive-thru window. "These stands are on a major road. They are in parking lots of businesses. Not like they are fully hidden from sight. We received many complaints."

The baristas face charges of operating an adult cabaret without a license.