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‘Supernatural’ News: Misha Collins Talks Season 11 and The Darkness

First Posted: Jul 31, 2015 01:49 PM EDT
Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles

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Season 11 of "Supernatural" is full of fantastic surprises and themes that pick up on the cliffhanger left by season 10, which solved one problem only to add several more. According to Pop Sugar, Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on the series, let a few cats out of the bag on the plot to come.

Although the next season doesn't actually premiere until Oct. 7 on The CW, fans have become privy to certain tidbits of information from the stars and the executive producers. Fans have learned that there will be an otherworldly femme fatale coming in next season. Plus, a few fan favorites will be returning as well, with fans especially excited about the chance to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan come back to wrap up his storyline as John Winchester.

We also know that even though The Darkness will be the season's "Big Bad," it will be accompanied by several other nemeses, any of which could threaten to kill Sammy and Dean. Such a twist is merely speculative at this point, but it wouldn't be the first time one of the show's protagonists has ended up dead.

In terms of how the new season will integrate with season 10, Collins revealed that the plot will pick up exactly where it left off.

"We pick up season 11 with Castiel still being under Rowena's spell," Collins told Pop Sugar. "The time cut is negligible; we are really picking up right where we left off. Castiel is dealing with the attack dog spell and The Darkness is just falling."

One of the lingering questions until this point was whether or not Castiel and Dean would mend fences in the coming season or if things would stay tense.

"We are going to see them put their differences aside and unite against that common enemy," Collins said.

That is not going to be an easy thing to do, considering how things went down between them last season. But there is a good chance they both feel equally responsible for the pending doom.

"I think that they are aware that the presence of The Darkness is actually their fault and they have to clean up the mess that they have made," Collin said.

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