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‘Supernatural’ Season 11 News: Felicia Day May Be Returning to the Series

First Posted: Aug 07, 2015 03:06 PM EDT
Felicia Day

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Die-hard "Supernatural" fans were stunned last year when the series killed off Charlie Bradbury, one of their most beloved characters on the show. But in a show like this, death means very little when it comes to the characters returning.

According to Digital Spy, actress Felicia Day, who played Charlie on the series, has said that she is not ruling out a return to the series in Season 11.

Even though her character was classified as "recurring" over the past several seasons, she had grown quite a following from fans of the show.

Even Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) were classified as recurring at one point before they were bumped up to series regulars. So the likelihood that Day could come back in some capacity as a series regular is fairly good.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver announced earlier last month that a fan-favorite would be returning, and that could mean anyone, including Day or Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester), as reported by TVLine.

There has also been speculation that Bobby would be making another appearance on the show, but fans have been left to wonder as to who the fan-favorite might be.

On Day's Tumblr social media account, she responded to a fan question as to whether or not she would return the show as a ghost.

"I would love to be back on 'Supernatural.' It is an amazing family that I was blessed to be a part of for 4 years. Charlie was so beautifully written and represented geek girls without being a total cliche. Also: Jensen and Jared smell pleasant," Day wrote.

What fans do know is that Season 11 is going to open up a whole new world on the show. This time, Sammy and Dean will have to come together and fight a new villain that they inadvertently released in the last episode of Season 10, namely "The Darkness."

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