With the Winter Olympics coinciding with Valentine's Day this year there's truly no better time than the present to watch the hit Netflix Show Orange is the New Black. How do these things relates to each other at all you ask? Well, just like the Olympics, OITNB is filled with (vicious) competition and just like Valentine's Day, sometime's the inmates are filled with love and merriment.

Ironically, Uzo Aduba who plays lesbian inmate Crazy Eyes on OITNB was a figure skater for ten years.

"I figure skated for like 10 years when I was a kid" she told E! Online's Marc Malkin at Savannah College of Art and Design's annual TVFest.

Aduba fell back on her figure skating training for scene in the 13th episode of OITNB's acclaimed first season.

"I used that special skill when I auditioned before the pageant," Aduba said.

"It was really me figure skating. People have asked...'Is that a stunt double doing those axels and jumps?' I was like, 'No, that was me.'"

Besides utilizing her skills for the episode Aduba's figure skating career is firmly rooted in the past. She's to embarrassed to even share some photos from her skating days!

"They have been burned or locked away," she said, chuckling. "If they haven't, I will find the people who have them."

Aduba isn't the only OITNB cast member with a sports filled past. It turns out that Matt McGorty, or correctional officer Bennett as he's known in the show, is a bit of a strongman.

"Powerlifting doesn't require a lot of athleticism," McGorry said. "And neither does standing there and posing."

Another cast member eager to show off her skills is Samira Wiley (Poussey on the show). She wants to be a luger in the Winter Olympics. "You have like four different people for bobsledding, but the luge is just you. I want it be just me. I don't want anybody else. I'm gonna win the race."

Feel free to fire up that Netflix account and watch an episode for Valentine's Day.

OITNB Season 2 may premiere on April 25.

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