Jennifer Lopez got more than she bargained for during an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" yesterday, as gun shots rang out while the camera was rolling on the multitalented superstar.

Lopez, 43, was being interviewed by "E.T." host Rob Marciano after shooting a music video for her new collaboration with Miami-rapper Pitbull entitled "Live It Up." It was then that things got ugly.

"Fort Lauderdale police officers responded to a call of shots fired at the northernmost point of the Fort Lauderdale beach park parking lot," Fort Lauderdale Police spokeswoman Detective DeAnna Greenlaw said in a statement. "Jennifer Lopez and her crew were filming in the southernmost end of this park."

The supposed shooting took place at 800 Seabreeze Avenue, which is located just north of where Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull were shooting their music video.  The shooting was at the northernmost end of Ft. Lauderdale Beach Park while the "Live It Up" set was situated in the southernmost portion of the park.

There is some speculation as to whether or not shots were actually fired. Though police responded to reports of gunfire, authorities could not find and bullet casings to corroborate the story.

Jennifer Lopez, her boyfriend Casper Smart, and Pitbull were all on the set at the time and were quickly whisked away by security following the gunshots. Police have stated that they do not believe anyone was injured during the incident.

Authorities were able to detain some of the individuals involved in the shooting, though others were able to escape. The individuals they were able to find did not provide any useful information about what happened.