Priscila Rocha, a Miss BumBum 2015 contestant, is looking for a boyfriend and she has her eyes set on a Brazilian soccer superstar. 

According to El Dia, the model, who represents the state of Goiás in the competition, hopes to take the famous football star Neymar Jr. to dinner someday and said she is looking for someone like him.

"I'm looking for a guy with a great character and attitude, and besides being strong, must have, beyond all, a good sense of humor," she said. 

The model expressed her admiration for the 23-year-old athlete, who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona, and explained that it's not just for his skills but for his personality.

"I really like the way he is," said Rocha. "He is an extrovert and very animated. I also admire the work the Neymar institute does. I like all of his family. Both father [Neymar Santos, Sr.] and son have a lot of humility. I am a very big fan of his, not only as a player but as a person as well."

Rocha made sure to emphasize that money and fame have nothing to do with the type of man she wants since she wouldn't be opposed to dating a poor man.

"To me that doesn't matter," said Rocha. "Partners have to work hard together to grow. I don't care about dividing the bill for a dinner. Actually, I would be willing to pay it all myself." 

The model also recently made headlines for her comments about the other contestants currently participating in this year's Miss BumBum competition.

Rocha, who is currently ranking in the Top 10 in the competition, claimed that she is the only contestant who is physically natural and hasn't had any enhancements, reported Paraná Online

"I am the only Miss Bumbum contestant that has a derriere that is real and I represent the true state of Goiás," said the model. "Even my hair is real. There are some here that not even that is real." 

Contestants are allowed to have surgical enhancements on any part of their body except for their derriere.