A Florida teenager is recovering at a hospital after suffering a shark attack over the weekend while surfing at a beach known to be well-populated by sharks.

16-year-old Michael Adler of Fort Lauderdale was surfing on Saturday with several of his friends at Melbourne Beach, which is notirious for the bull sharks that patrol its waters. Adler was out in the water waiting to catch a wave on his surfboard when he says he felt something bump his foot.

"I felt like, its head move and I felt a lot of teeth, but I wasn't really in pain," Adler told reporters. "I think it was pretty cool that I just got bit by a shark because it hasn't happened to many people."

Adler says he paddled quickly to shore before blood from his would prompted another attack. Once on shore, a man with military training who had witnessed the attack wrapped a surf board leash around the teen's leg as a makeshift tourniquet, according to reports.

Adler was transported by ambulance to Homles Regional Medical Center for proper treatment of the bite to his ankle. The bull shark that attacked him tore through four tendons, which doctors were able to repair. The would required 40 stitches, the New York Daily News reports.

"He had 20 holes on top of his foot," Dr. Mark Munro, who treated Adler, told WSVN. "One larger one was three inches long, and that's the one that went from the top of his foot to the bone of his ankle joint."

Adler, who has been surfing since age four, has shaken off the attack and is seemingly not bothered by the ordeal. The teen has turned the experience into a joke, even changing his Twitter name to 'Shark Bait.' He says the attack has not turned him off from surfing and he looks forward to getting back in the water as soon as possible.

"I am definitely going to surf in the future," Adler told ABC News. "I wish I could surf tomorrow."

Doctors anticipate that Adler will require at least six weeks of recovery time at the hospital.