The first season of the hit series Orange Is the New Black is currently available on Netflix, with season two waiting in the wings just around the corner, ready to be released in a few months' time on June 6. If you haven't seen the series yet it might seem like a very strange story premise; the series takes place mostly in a women's prison full of extremely interesting characters that are both scary and hilarious at the same time.

The main character is Piper Chapman, who was put into prison for 15 months for smuggling drugs 10 years ago with a friend and female lover. The main character is somewhat difficult to understand at times because maybe she's lesbian or maybe she's not. This fact is unclear and each viewer will have to judge for themselves.

At first viewers might have doubts about the show, especially guys who won't be too excited to start the series, but decide to give it a shot and find themselves deep the series and fully engrossed. The characters are very easy to become attached to and it's simply a fun show to watch with a good mix of drama and entertainment.

Orange Is the New Black is currently the most-viewed series on Netflix which is already saying something. The plotline and characters make the show a worthwhile watch. The show is very racially diverse and features almost every kind of prisoner: white, black, latino, etc, and they all come together in a great way that obviously captures the viewer's attention. Check out the trailer for Orange Is the New Black season two.