International pop icon Justin Bieber has been in the news quite a bit lately, though rarely for the right reasons. His recent stint in Dubai has done little to change that trend.

Bieber was in the United Arab Emirates to perform two shows over the weekend, but ended up making quite a scene offstage as well.

A Dubai newspaper has quoted a local police officer as stating that Bieber racked up a "number" of speeding fines while driving around in his white Lamborghini. Dubai has numerous speed cameras throughout the city, and Bieber was photographed numerous times on those cameras before eventually being pulled over.

This is not the first time that Bieber has gotten in trouble for his aggressive and erratic driving over the years. He has received a speeding ticket in the past and has been pulled over numerous times for infractions that include making an unsafe turn and cutting off a police cruiser.

Bieber's need for speed also caught up with him after he was loudly driving up and down the street his Calabassas home is on last month. His driving in that incident drew ire from one of his neighbors, leading to a well-documented altercation.

In that incident, the neighbor and father of three, Jeffrey Schwartz, allegedly approached Bieber over both his reckless driving and the loud parties that were going on at his house while he was away. Schwartz claims that Bieber than threatened him by saying "Get the f-k out of here. I'm gonna f-king kill you," and proceeded to spit in his face.

"The neighbor has complained Mr. Bieber spit on him and made some threats. Mr. Bieber's people say that it did not happen. Obviously, our detectives will determine what happened and take appropriate action," said L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore.

The claim of those loud parties has turned out to be true, with incriminating photographs proving that Bieber's good friend and rapper Lil Twist was staying at his house and throwing large 'pot parties' while the superstar was away. 

Now, Bieber may have some serious problems on his hands after the encounter with his neighbor. The L.A County Sheriff's Department has recommended that he receive criminal prosecution over those batter allegations. The department insists that they are not making an example out of Bieber, but rather are following standard protocol for a first time offender with a history of aggressive behavior.