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Tom Daley Naked and Boyfriend: Nude Photo of Olympic Diver Leaks to Instagram [PIC]

First Posted: Feb 26, 2014 03:31 PM EST

A nude picture of Olympic diver Tom Daley surfaced on the Internet recently, but if you blinked you might have missed it.

E! News reports that Sophie Lee, Daley's best friend, took a picture of Daley while he was in the shower. The sneaky friend captured herself in the picture as well. She boasts a duck face and a pointed finger conveniently placed right between the 19-year-old's butt cheeks.

According to E! News the scantily clad photo was deleted from Lee's Instagram "just moments" later. The picture is still being shared via Twitter, however. Check out the NSFW nude here.

"What nice friends Tom Daley has when they upload pictures of him in the shower. #Peachy," Bennie Denton said via Twitter attaching the photo in question.

Lee and Daley are apparently in a social media war. Daley also posted an unflattering photo of Lee onto his Instagram page.

"That'll teach you for taking 107 selfies on my phone xsophielee !!!" Daley said via Twitter yesterday.

The attached photo of Lee, however, has since been deleted.

"@tomdaley1994 two can play that game," Lee responded via Instagram with a very close and unexpecting picture of Daley's face.

Although Daley and Lee seem to be super close, the two are not in a relationship. Daley is currently dating 39-year-old screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. According to a source for The Mirror, the two are moving in together in the United Kingdom soon.

"Lance and Tom are really serious about each other, and Lance is willing to make a firm commitment by basing himself in the UK," the source said. "He likes it over here and gets on well with Tom's friends and family, so would fit into Tom's social circle easily. Tom's worked really hard to make him feel welcome, and Lance really appreciates it. He finds the attention he gets in public with Tom a little overwhelming, but he's more than willing to deal with it for Tom."

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