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Destiny's Xur Inventory and Location: Banned Weapon Returns, Legacy Engrams Introduced

First Posted: Sep 25, 2015 02:52 PM EDT

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Xur is back for the weekend selling exotic weapons and upgrades, and this time he has something extra special to offer: the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon.

According to Gamezone, the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon is the best thing that Xur has offered since the powerful Gjallarhorn rocket launcher in August.

Xur will be located in the Tower in the Hangar to the right. He will remain there until Sunday at 5 a.m. EDT.

Originally the Hawkmoon Hand Cannon was a PlayStation exclusive weapon. It was banned to keep the PlayStation and Xbox One versions of Destiny equal. Now, it's available on both platforms.

Since the Hawkmoon is no longer banned in Destiny, Xur is bringing it back and selling it as an exotic weapon. It will cost 23 Strange Coins. It has an impact rating of 81 (out of 100) and contains one lucky bullet in the chamber, which will unleash considerable bonus damage. Additionally, this weapon will have a quick reload speed.

The Light Beyond Nemesis Warlock Helmet will be on sale from Xur for 13 Strange Coins. It provides a defense rating of 280 and stats of 28 for light, 31/53 for discipline, 31/84 for intellect and 31/53 for strength. When equipped, this helmet will help players revive fallen teammates at a much faster pace.

The Legacy Engrams were added to Xur's inventory to help veteran players bolster their inventory of exotic weapons. This was done with the release of The Taken King. The Engrams will allow players who are missing the year one versions of the Last Word, Red Death, Suros Regime or other weapons to receive them in year one versions and then upgrade them. This is the best way to catch up on missing weapons in Destiny. The Legacy Engrams can be purchased for 31 Strange Coins.

To see the whole list of Xur weapons and upgrades, visit the Xur Megathread on Reddit.

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