WWE former announcer and hall of famer Jim Ross went on-air on the "Opie and Anthony" radio show to share his experiences working with the wrestling corporation. According to Fansided, his story-telling became a bit graphic, and hilarious, when she shared one of Vince McMahon's golden moments.

Ross, or JR, narrated that during a taping of a Monday Night Raw Segment, the WWE chairman thought it would be funny to fart in the face of Jerry Brisco, a WWE producer and former wrestler. However, McMahon's "classy" joke turned on him when he did something more than just passing gas. You guessed it, he pooped his pants. The power-walking, show-dominating head honcho of WWE pooped his pants in front of cameras.

In an article on TMZ, JR said, "It got liquid...he sharted." Aside from the smell, Ross confirmed that his former boss had a little accident because it was splattered all over his light-khaki pants.

But, as a reflection of his dedication to his career, McMahon still went on with the show, even though the members of the production crew were laughing at him. Of course, being the big boss, no one dared to snap a photo of his embarrassing moment.

Fortunately, his accident didn't happen during one of his Kiss My Ass Club initiation segments. That would have been really messy and a revolting experience for the potential member. Speaking of club members, let's not forget that JR is a (reluctant) member of the Kiss My Ass Club.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first instance that McMahon made a mess in his pants. Back in 1998, the Chairman was held hostage by a raging Stone Cold Steve Austin. According to the Bleacher Report, the Rattlesnake sat him on a wheelchair and placed a gun on his head. Instantly, McMahon panicked and started to pee in his pants out of fear. But, this was no bladder accident as the entire scene was staged for the entertainment of the fans.

Here is the video of JR on the Opie and Anthony Show.