Since the official release of "Battlefield 4" in October of last year (November in Europe, New Zealand, and Japan), the game has been plagued with several glitches. PCGamer reported that players have reported disconnection problems, crashes, freezes, and various bugs while playing the game.  

But recently, IGN reported that the game's developer EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE) is turning its attention on fixing the glitches in the multiplayer mode of "Battlefield 4."

DICE said in a statement, "We at DICE are committed to improving the overall Battlefield 4 multiplayer experience for our players. Some issues, commonly referenced in conjunction to "netcode" are preventing Battlefield 4 from performing optimally for everyone, and with this post we would like to explain what we are doing to address these problems."

The developer continued, "We want to assure you that we are constantly investigating, or already in the process of updating, all these items and several more that you've had concerns with - and that we will continue to do so with your help. Please continue to send us your feedback, and thank you for your continued support."

Here are some of the problems DICE is currently fixing or investigating:

- Instant Death While Sprinting: While sprinting or walking, players can sometimes get thrown at high speeds which could lead to instant death if they hit an object.

- No Registered Damage: Players not seeing any damage on opponents even if they have been accurately firing at them

- Rubber Banding: Players get flung around the map before returning to a spot they have occupied before.

On the other hand, some of the problems DICE has fixed include:

- Crosshair Disappearing: During shootouts, the crosshairs and hit markers of PC players would disappear after an opponent deploys a certain gadget.

- Hit Impact Sounds: The impact sounds were not in sync with the number of bullets, causing players to think that they have died too quickly.

- Killcard Shows 0 Health: The Killcard displays 0 Health even though the players' opponent is still alive.

The complete list of glitches currently under investigation and those that have already been resolved are outlined in DICE's post on Battlelog.