Could there be free Internet and cellphone service in the near future? One company seems to think so, and it could happen as early as 2015, thanks to a partnership with tech giant Microsoft.

Storja Tech, a New York-based technology firm, claims that it has developed technology that can provide the public with free Internet access and wireless service "without utilizing the existing infrastructure." Dubbed "Project R," the free services will first be offered in the United States starting in 2015, if Project R goes according to plan.

Offering such a tantalizing and market-disrupting service requires some serious investments, and in order to attract deep pockets, Storja originally took out an ad in the Los Angeles Times. The bold ad told Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Cisco, and Oracle that "the firm that we partner with will be the leader of the tech industry within two years and the largest company in the world."

Apparently, that was good enough for Microsoft.

Little is known about Project R, and Storja's business model is still under wraps. However, Storja has promised that Project R will bring Internet speeds of up to petabytes per second, all without the use of traditional land-based infrastructures. Lucky for those who end up using Storja's Project R, the company has also promised that they do not intend to use advertising to drive revenue.

The recent partnership with Microsoft has also allowed for Storja to bolster its workforce considerably. Recent statements from Storja indicate that the company is in the process of hiring hundreds of new employees.

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