Cuba Protests: Internet Is Back, Reveals Scenes of a Crackdown on Protesters

Cuba Protests: Internet Is Back, Reveals Scenes of a Crackdown on Protesters

Cuba's internet came back and scenes of the government's crackdown on protesters were revealed through social media's images and videos.
To complete the school year’s third and final cycles remotely, a student would be required to use information technology and information and communications technology infrastructure which, unfortunately, are not existent in the country.

Is Remote Schooling a Realistic Approach in Venezuela Where Everything Is a Challenge?

Carrying out the school year 2019 to 2020 school year's third and final cycles remotely would require the information technology and information and communications technology infrastructure.
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Emerging Nations Increasingly Connect to Internet, Use More Smartphones

Emerging nations are becoming more connected to technology and are embracing the Internet and smartphones. In the past two years, the percentage of people in emerging and developing nations who say they use the Internet and own a smartphone has risen substantially.
Pilot Project to Allow Cubans to Get Broadband Internet at Home

Pilot Project to Give Cubans Broadband Internet at Home

Cuba's state-run telecommunications company ETECSA announced on Jan. 31 that it is launching a pilot project to allow everyday citizens to order broadband Internet for their homes, a service until now only available to foreign executives.
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President Obama, Democrats Praise FCC on Net Neutrality Vote; GOP Blasts Decision

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted on new "Open Internet" policies, and politicians from the Legislative and Executive Branches have mixed reactions to the decision.
President Obama on Net Neutrality: Calls for 'Free and Open' Internet, Recommends FCC to Adopt Four Steps

Obama on Net Neutrality: Calls for 'Free and Open' Internet, Recommends FCC to Adopt Four Steps

President Barack Obama recommitted his position on the net neutrality debate, calling for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to enact new rules to secure a "free and open" Internet.
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US Mobile Internet Consumption Doubled, Declining Landline Usage Affects State and Local Taxations

Mobile Internet usage has doubled in the U.S. during the last two years, but its had dented state and federal agencies' taxation efforts.
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World Cup 2014 Boosts Digital Advertising Spending in Brazil: Nearly $5 Billion in Computer, Mobile Ad Buying Projected by 2018

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup, host country Brazil has seen an increase in digital advertisement spending, and it is projected to more than double through 2018. According to eMarketer, 2014 will see $2.88 billion in advertising spending on all digital platforms including desktop computers and mobile devices.

Former Anonymous LulzSec Hacker Hector 'Sabu' Xavier Monsegur Released: FBI Informant Stopped Over 300 Cyberattacks Against US Government

He also implicated members of his former hacking circle
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Twitter in Latin America: Region's Growth to Decline as Asia-Pacific's User Share Increases Through 2018

Internet usage has been projected to rise in Latin America, but it might not equate to social media users in the region.

MobilDuster Analyzes Your Facebook Friends List and Suggests Who to Remove

Free app scours your list to see who you rarely interact with.

Reddit Forum for Women Flooded by Internet Trolls, Sparks Outrage, TMI Backlash

TwoXChromosomes, the Reddit community that was constructed as a safe space and discussion board for cisgendered women, transgendered women and any female-identified individuals to address gender-related issues, has recently been met with a bout of misogynistic messages and internet trolls after being made a "default" subreddit. Previously, posters had to seek out the community whose motto is "women supporting women," but the new setting directs all users of the massive internet forum toward 2X content.

San Diego Authorities Crack Down on Internet Drug Sales: Dealers Sold Using Code Names on Facebook and Craiglist

A five-month long undercover investigation has led officers of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department to crackdown hard on drug dealers who have been using the Internet to push products and attack customers.
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Latin American Tech Trends: Internet Usage in Brazil Popular, Competes Against Television Time

Internet usage in one of Latin America's strongest markets has proved to capture the interest of the country than television.

U.S. Homeland Security Advises Against Using Explorer After Serious Bug Surfaces

Serious security flaw found over the weekend.
New Study: Mexico City's Male Sex Workers At High Risk for HIV, STIs

The Underground Sex Industry & the United States

Evocative Latino brothels, erotic Asian massage parlors, and the merchandising of the female body online and offline are the foundation of the underground commercial sex industry in D.C. and Atlanta; stimulating the local economy. Pun intended.
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