Microsoft Privacy Policy Change: Hotmail Account Hack Leads Terms of Service Changes, Includes Law Enforcement

Following controversy of Microsoft accessing a user's Hotmail account, the Redmond-based company has issued changes in future similar instances.
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Latin America Tech Trends: Rise of Smartphones, Tablets, and Internet in the Region

Latin America has been experiencing positive trends in technology in 2013, and the development is expected to continue for 2014.

AT&T Drops Prices On Contracts, Data As Competition Heats Up

Competition heats up in the mobile marketplace
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Storja Tech Promises Free Internet and Wireless Service in US by 2015

Could there be free Internet and cellphone service in the near future? One company seems to think so, and it could happen as early as 2015, thanks to a partnership with tech giant Microsoft.

Netflix & Comcast Reach Streaming Agreement that May Lead to Faster Video Speeds and Higher Prices

The nation's largest internet provider, Comcast, and its biggest bandwidth consumer, Netflix, have reached a deal that may speed up video streaming speeds and raise prices.

Internet Media Advertisement Spending Tops Magazines But Can't Topple Broadcast Television in Brazil During 2013

Advertisers are spending less on magazine advertisements and more on the Internet in one Latin American country.
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Latin America's Internet Users to Hit 393 Million By 2017; Facebook, Social Media Major Influence

Latin Americans' Internet access has been expanding and is projected to grow by nearly 100 million users in the next three years.

Ultra-Fast Google Fiber Internet Service Set to Launch in 34 More Cities

America may be at the forefront of innovation in some areas, but it lags behind a a bunch of Asian and European countries when it comes to internet speeds.

Facebook Princeton Study: Social Network Makes Light Of Research; Is Facebook Really In Decline?

The scientific study has resulted in a public relations jab-fest

5G Network In South Korea: Nation's Internet Speed Will Be 1000 times faster; See How Much It Costs

South Korea is one of the most connected nations in the world

Pope Francis Quotes and News: Who Invented the Internet? For the Pontiff, It Was God

Pope Francis is tackling an entity that most do not typically associate with religious leaders or the Catholic Church. In honor of World Communications Day, Pope Francis offered his opinion on the great mysterious entity that is the Internet.
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Jim Carrey Dead? Actor Victim of Internet Death Hoax; RIP Page Made For Him

Jim Carrey is the newest victim of Internet death hoax that was allegedly reported on January 14. The fake death of the comedian spread easily online as it even had a Facebook fan page that was named R.I.P. Jim Carrey.

Google, Step Aside: Vocativ Taps into the 'Deep Web' and Finds a Social Media-Global Gold Mine

When you ask Vocativ Founder, Mati Kochavi, what's trending on the Web, the Israeli entrepreneur is sure to give you an interesting answer.
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