According to reports, Google will release the Google Glass prescription frames soon. The frame is said to be designed to work specifically with Google Glass. The frames have been labeled "Titanium collection" because they were made out of the metal. There will be four frame designs available from Google, each containing a unique design that is not found in regular glasses. It also has the shape and hardware necessary for mounting Google Glass into the frames.

According to Google, these frames will be sold at $225 and will be released sometime soon. The hardware is more or less like the second version of Glass, featuring removable hardware and optional ear buds. The cost of the frames will be added to the $1,499 cost of the actual Glass, which brings the grand total to $1,724. However, after buying the frames prescription lenses would still have to be specially cut, meaning that before one can wear a prescription version of Glass, a trip to an eyeglasses shop will be necessary.

Given the design of the Glass, users who opt for prescription glasses may still have a hard time dealing with it. The Glass itself is already mounted on the frame. As a result, it feels like wearing two pairs of glasses. Google expects to make more innovations soon in order to entice more users. The main thing will be dropping the price so the average consumer can afford it. At this moment, the website for the prescription frames has yet to be released. However, the previous frame styles for both regular and sunglasses are already out.

Despite the controversy surrounding the release of this modern technology, Google is still confident that it will hit its target sales soon with the increase in the number of potential users now that prescription frames have been released.