Microsoft HoloLens

Three Reasons Why the Microsoft HoloLens Will Be the First Successful 'SmartGlasses'

On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled a sneak peak at Windows 10, along with several reasons to believe the company has been refreshed and reinvigorated under its new CEO Satya Nadella. One of those reasons is the Microsoft Hololens.
Google Glass

See Tennis Through the Eyes of Roger Federer With the New Google Glass [Video]

Rare first-person view of Federer playing tennis.
Google Glass

Samsung Could Unveil Gear Glass in September

To compete against the likes of Google, technology manufacturing giant Samsung is poised to release its own version of the Google Glass device as early as September.

Google Glass Now Available for Retail Purchase

Anyone can buy it now
A Pew Research study finds Americans feel cautious about many of the future innovations that dominate today's news.

Future Friday: Most Americans Have Optimistic, But Contradictory Views on Tech 50 Years From Now - Pew

The Pew Research Internet Project just released one of the most interesting reports in a while - a study of American views on the future of technology in the next 50 years. What Pew found was that most Americans are optimistic, but interestingly, a lot are skeptical about some technologies that Google happens to be working on.
Google Glass Prescription Frames

Google Glass "Release Date": April 15, But Only For A Day - Report

Have you been looking for an opportunity to get your hands on Google's new smartglasses? Your time might have finally come. In the middle of April, Google might make Glass available to anyone who wants to buy a pair, but only for one day.

Google Glass Trademark & Patent Are Next Steps For Search Giant; What To Expect?

Google is dealing with legal matters

No Google Glass Release Date News Since Costly Explorer Attack

Do you think Glass will be widely useful?

Google Glass Explorer Review, Apps, and Youtube Videos Demo Reaction

Google is waiting for consumer interest to build
Google Glass with Glasses

The Answer to Google Glass's Perception Problems: Show, Don't Tell

It's official, Google is worried about the public perception of Google Glass - so much so that it has written and published a list of the "Top 10 Google Glass Myths" in an effort to try to dispel some of the bad PR.

Etiquette, Privacy Issues Delay Wider Rollout of Google Glass

Consumer sentiments aren't high at this time

Google Glass For Sale Only To Invited Explorers But Read The Specs And Legal Concerns

Consumer release for the wearable smart device faces roadblocks

Take a Look at the Capabilities of the Google Glass

You can control gadgets by looking at them
Samsung Galaxy

How Do The Top Smart Watches Compare to Google Glass?

The wearable gadget market heats up
Google Glass prescription glasses Titanium edition

Google Glass Prescription Frames To Be Made From Metal

The frames will cost $225

Will Security Concerns Outweigh Google Glass' Potential

The device currently faces legal obstacles to launch
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