Woman Allegedly Attacked For Wearing Google Glass; What Did She Do?

People who wear Google Glass in public are going to have to start becoming a bit more aware of their surroundings.
Google Glass prescription glasses Titanium edition

Google Glass Expected To Be Released In 2014, But Which Month?

Google Glass may hit store shelves later this year. What do we know so far?

CES 2014: Wearable Health Gadgets, 4K & Ultra HD Technologies Dominate Showcase

Smartphone trends were joined by high-res format and new gadgets
Google Glass Prescription Frames

Will Galaxy Gear, Google Glass, and Oculus Rift Soon Become Household Names?

What are the hottest tech trends look forward to this year?
Google Glass prescription glasses Titanium edition

Google Glass in Schools? How New Device Could Help In Education

Google Glass is more than just a recreational toy to play with

Google Glass News: WiFi But No GPS?

The new Google device could expand mobile interfaces but also comes with some limitations.
Google Glass prescription glasses Titanium edition

Google Glass Price, Review, Release Date, Specs: Available To The Public By 2014?

Google Glass has potential to break out as a major tool in 2014 and fans are anxiously awaiting the nationwide - or worldwide - release. But when?
Samsung Galaxy Glasses

When Will Samsung Debut Its Own Google Glass Competitor?

Watch out, Google - Samsung is reportedly developing its own smart eyewear, dubbed as Galaxy Glasses, to compete with the search engine giant's much-discussed gadget.
Google Glass with Glasses

Google Glass Adds Prescription Frames, Insurance Coverage: Inching Towards Wider Release

It's been a year in the making, but the next phase of Google Glass is about to hit: Google announced its new face-wearable computing devices, Glass, will be compatible with prescription lenses, giving the devices a little more style and much more usability for the four-eyed among us.
Google Glass Prescription Frames

Google Unveils New Frames Now Supporting Prescription Glasses

Google Glass is becoming more accessible for everyone

Google Glass Explorer News and Rumors: Man Brings Google Glass Into Movie, is Detained by Homeland Security

Authorities were trying to stop counterfeiting
Google glasses

Google Glass User Pulled from Movie, Questioned by DHS, Is Pretty Cool About It

Google hopes its wearable computing eyeglasses, Glass, is poised to revolutionize our daily interaction with technology and the internet, but it's already proved a challenge to laws and societal norms. Just two days after Glass Explorer Cecilia Abadie got out of a ticket she received for "driving with [a computer] monitor visible to driver" while wearing Glass, another Explorer has run into the long, outmoded, arm of the law.
Google Glass Explorer

Google Glass 2 Release Date, Features & Specs: Surgeon Live Streams Surgery Via Device

The Google Glass has achieved a brand new milestone as it was reportedly used by an orthopedic surgeon to perform a foot surgery.
Google Glass Explorer

Google Glass 2 Release Date, Features & News Update: Hyundai to Launch 'Pre-Drive' App for 2015 Genesis

The Google Glass is set to make some brand new innovations as it becomes an essential part of the next Genesis sedan of the Hyundai Motor Co.
Google Glass Explorer

Google Glass Update Allows Wink to Snap A Picture

Recent software updates announced by Google Glass gave way to a brand new means of taking a picture and that is just by the wink of an eye.
Catching Fire Movie Poster

Google Glass Release Date, Features & Specs: Hunger Games Cast Tries Device; Gets Confused

The Hunger Games Cast tried Google Glass and posed cutely for their fans on Global Fan Day.
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