To compete against the likes of Google, technology manufacturing giant Samsung is poised to release its own version of the Google Glass device as early as September.

According to reports out of Korea, Samsung has developed Gear Glass, which is nearly identical to Google's glass-wearing device.

Much like Google Glass, Gear Glass will have a small prism just above one eye so the user can view content and an earpiece for listening, Business Insider reported.

At this point, everything is conjecture, but Gear Glass is expected to run on the Tizen operating system, an open-source software that Samsung helped develop. Google Glass and Epson's Moverio BT-200s, another wearable display device, currently run on Android.

A Samsung official reportedly told Business Korea that the company has been gearing up for this product since the launch of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch last September.

"We rolled out the smartwatch first, and have secured a considerable amount of smart glass-related technology and patents," the associate said. "Following the roll out of our smart watch Galaxy Gear in September last year, we are slated to introduce our smart glass Gear Glass this September.

Rumors surrounding Samsung's latest device surfaced back in October when a Russian tech blogger posted on Twitter that Samsung was developing a device to rival Google's glass product. Initially, the product was rumored to come out in either April or May.

Business Insider reported that Samsung would likely unveil Gear Glass at the tech conference, IFA, in Berlin, Germany at the beginning of September. The company also filed patents for wearable display technology in the U.S. as well as Korea.

Google began selling Google Glass this week at a cost of $1,500. Since Google first unveiled Google Glass to the world back in 2012, many other tech companies have began developing their own similar product.