Earlier in the week it was announced that the third Battlefield 4 expansion, Naval Strike, would be coming to Premium players by the end of the month (though other players have to wait until April). Now DICE has released details on the expansion's most notable new feature, Carrier Assault.

"Carrier Assault is an homage to the Titan game mode of Battlefield 2142, but this time the all-out war rages in the South Chinese Sea, and your objective is to destroy the enemy team's carrier before they infiltrate and destroy yours," Dice writes on their blog Battlelo. "You start out fighting a big-scale war with sea, land, and air vehicles controlling the map, and then everything evolves into an infantry-focused, close quarter fight inside both carriers at the same time!"

According to Dice, the objective of Carrier Assault is to either gain full control of the map or to wage an attack on the enemy's carrier using infantry. Each round will be consist of two stages.

During the first stage, teams must race to take control of the missile launchers placed on the map. Once this happens, missiles will automatically launch at the enemy's carrier, breaking its hull and creating an opening for infantry to invade.

The second stage will have one or both teams attempting to enter the enemy's carrier by boat or parachute, and then aiming to destroy the carrier from within.

Meanwhile, Activision announced their second expansion for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Friday. It is called Devastation and will launch on April 3.

The new expansion will come with four new multiplayer maps: Ruins, Collision, Behemoth and Unearthed. It will also introduce a brand new hybrid weapon, the Ripper, described as a "2-in-1 SMG/Assault Rifle."

The expansion will also include the second episode of Extinction mode.

Finally, players can look forward to encountering a new "epic, film character." The game's Onslaught DLC featured Michael Myers of the Halloween horror series.

Watch the trailer for Devastation below.