Following "WWE Hell in a Cell" in Los Angeles, the actions moved to San Diego for "Monday Night Raw," where there's a lot of questions needing answers after Sunday's pay-per-view event.

The top headline after Sunday night's show is Brock Lesnar defeating The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match. It was regarded as the final battle between both men, and Lesnar won with an F-5 in a bloody match. After the match, Lesnar left but Undertaker stayed in the ring as fans cheered and thanked him for the main event. The lights then dimmed as The Wyatt Family appeared. After beating him down, the Wyatts carried Undertaker away and that's how the pay per view ended.

On "Monday Night Raw," Bray Wyatt will definitely have answers to many growing questions, especially as the WWE focuses on the next pay per view, "Survivor Series" -- which will mark 25 years since The Undertaker's WWE debut. Monday night will likely lead to the development of a Survivor Series-style match between the Wyatts and Team Undertaker.

Another top headline is the return of Alberto Del Rio. After leaving the WWE last year, Del Rio answered John Cena's call for the United States Championship Open. Del Rio won, in a considerably quick and clean fashion, to start his first reign as United States Champion. His return came with another return: Zeb Colter. With the WWE still in California, where Latinos are the majority of the population, Del Rio will receive a positive fan reaction, but it is still unknown if he will ultimately become a heel persona.

In the divas division, Charlotte successfully defended the Divas Championship against Nikki Bella. Hopefully on Monday night, Charlotte will have a new opponent. However, the WWE tends to include many divas as possible for "Survivor Series," and fans will likely see the start of a divas-style Survivor Series stipulation match.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion defeated Kane, and as a result, the latter's role as "director of operations" will be eliminated. On "Raw," Kane, as director of operations, will likely appear to potentially give this storyline closure -- or not.

While Wyatt focuses on Undertaker, Roman Reigns may finally have a new storyline; the same can be said for Dean Ambrose.

Also on the topic of storylines is the feud between Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler. Breeze made his main roster debut during the last edition of "SmackDown," but hopefully Monday night will see his "Raw" debut, which is likely since NXT did perform in California during the weekend.

In other "Hell in a Cell" results, Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens defeated Ryback. Also, WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Dudley Boyz despite the absence of Xavier Woods -- who reportedly received time off to finally get married, in real life. It's unknown if Woods will already return on Monday night, but New Day seems to be fine to temporarily continue their antics until his comeback.

"Monday Night Raw" airs weekly at 8 p.m. EDT on the USA Network.