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Are Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell Still Together?: 'The Bachelor' 2014 Couple Is Considering Marriage

First Posted: Mar 20, 2014 04:51 PM EDT

Juan Pablo Galavis shocked audiences and Nikki Ferrell when he decided to neither propose on The Bachelor's season finale nor say that he loved her. The new couple, however, is reportedly reconsidering the idea of marriage.

Recently, Galavis, 32, and Ferrell, 27, spoke with Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, counselors from WeTV's Marriage Boot Camp, according to Us Weekly.

"I think they have marriage on their minds, but I think what Juan did was a really, I mean it wasn't a very romantic fairytale ending, but I think what he did was very wise in the fact that he said you know, 'I want to go through conflicts with this girl ... before I jump out there and tell somebody I love them and just get married,'" Jim told Us Weekly.

According to Elizabeth, Galavis is not scared of commitment, despite his reputation.

"Not only is he not commitment phobic, he is very serious about commitment that's why he didn't jump into the engagement right away, because it is very serious to him," she said.

Still, the counseling duo are not sure how likely it is that the Galavis and Ferrell will stay together for a long time. Jim noted the two's dramatically different personalities.

He is a very strong leader, he's masculine, he doesn't like to compromise a whole lot, and he's got a good value system," he explained. "Nikki is more nurturing, sympathetic, and she's more feminine in her values

Jim and Elizabeth believe that this will be The Bachelor couple's biggest obstacle.

"So when you put those two kind of people together the stronger one -- like Juan Pablo -- would tend to run over somebody like Nikki, if Nikki doesn't have good boundaries," Jim continued.

Ryan McDill, Ferrell's reported ex-boyfriend, says that Ferrell's personality has changed since meeting Galavis.

"She normally wouldn't take that sh*t from a guy," he said. "The Nikki I know would have slapped him and walked out."


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