Well, there it is.

Somebody had to say it. Someone had to acknowledge the fact that Stephen Curry is on top of the basketball world right now. LeBron James has been the No. 1 recognized player for at least the last five seasons, but the tide is turning to favor the young guard on the West Coast.

Here are five reasons why Curry is the best player in the world right now over James.

1. Stock Up, Stock Down

Curry is just 27 years old, and he will only get better as he enters the prime of his career. As for James, he turns 31 years old this December. That's' not to say that James is old and past his prime, but you can see more and more, he's resting on the bench frequently compared to the past. Now is the time to watch Curry take over games like James did three years ago as James will rely on his jump shot a bit more. From this point on, Curry will only get better with awards adding up.

2. He's a Sniper

Curry is without a doubt the single best shooter in the NBA. It's honestly not even close. Curry is constantly being compared to great shooters like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller because of his outside stroke. He has led the NBA in three point field goals made the last three consecutive years, and he holds the record for most perimeter shots made in a single season. James has actually improved his outside shooting, but let's not kid ourselves, he still can't compete with Curry from three point range. Because no one can. Curry is the only player in the league, maybe ever, who is feared by defenders once he crosses half court to just pull up and make a shot.

3. "Game Changer"

We always hear people say "that player is changing the game," but are they really "changing" anything? In Curry's case, the answer is yes. The league isn't dominated by big men anymore, it's becoming a jump shooting game. A center hasn't won MVP since the 1999-2000 season. Curry is leading the charge in this new league because of his incredible playing style. Curry can't dominate down low like James, but his unique skill set has many young basketball players trying to mimic him around the world.

4. Tougher Conference

This one really isn't debatable. Night in and night out Curry is facing top quality teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder and others. Nearly every superstar in the league plays in the Western Conference. Other than James, what superstar elite player is in the East? Come playoff time James and his teams only have to face maybe one great squad while Curry is battling the best of the best in every round. It would be really interesting to see James play in the West.

5. Things Change

After Michael Jordan retired, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal were viewed as the best players in the league. Even Tim Duncan was hailed as the best player for a bit. When the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship over the Los Angeles Lakers, many even felt that Paul Pierce was the No. 1 player in the world. The point is, things change all the time. James can certainly retake the throne from Curry later this season, but Curry deserves it now because of what he did last postseason by leading his team to a title, and he's playing like the best player in the NBA right now.

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