Angry Birds is back. However, this time, it is filled with more exciting challenges and role-playing games. Yes, you read that right, Angry Birds is back as a role-playing game. According to Rovio Entertainment, the developer and publisher, the new version of the Angry Birds franchise will have armor, magic and swords, and is called the Angry Birds Epic. This is the tenth installment in the angry birds series.

The new version of the game will offer more adventure and crafting systems where the gamers can create their own armors and weapons. Rovio has also released a trailer which you can here or by scrolling down below.

According to gaming blog Kotaku, the new version of Angry Birds is quite different from the original series, which is mainly filled with the well-known bird flinging actions. This is seen as a good thing by the company who hopes the diversity of the Angry Birds series will keep the gamers interested to find out what else is in store. It's hard to say whether reinventing the game, which has a huge merchandise line in the form of toys, clothing, and theme parks to name a few, will help the creators to keep the game fresh.

Despite the early reviews of the game, its success will be determined once it has already been released. The iOS-only version of the game was soft-launched March 17 in Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian iTunes app stores. A global launch will happen later this year on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The storyline begins with tasking the player to recover stolen eggs from the Pigs. Angry Birds Epic is set on Piggy Island, with the same characters as the existing Angry Birds games. Rovio has said that in order to win, gamers have to be creative, especially in creating their own armors. Resources will come from winning the game or in-app purchases.

Aside from Angry Birds Epic, Rovio is also gearing up for another version of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Stella. However, nothing has been disclosed about it as of now, except that it is set to debut later this year as well.