After being rumored to have been engaged, the That '70s Show costars are now allegedly expecting their first child, reports People.

In the report, a source close to the Two and a Half Men star and the actress spilled, "They are both very, very happy. It's still early." Us Weekly's source also confirms the same rumor, saying that the pregnancy is something that both Mila and Ashton wanted. "They are both so happy," the unnamed source added.

Contrary to the previous rumor of the couple allegedly expecting twins, People's source claims that the Jupiter Ascending actress is only expecting one baby with her rumored soon-to-be husband.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis supposedly got engaged although neither celebrity has officially confirmed the rumored engagement. E! News was first to break out news of the pair allegedly tying the knot, saying that a source has confirmed that they are planning to make things 'official.' Mila was also reportedly seen sporting a diamond ring on 'that' finger.

Though the rumored pregnancy and the engagement are still bleak even for Jackie and Kelso fans, it looks like the pair has no plans to hide their relationship.

Mila and Ashton shared a short kiss at a Clippers game in Los Angeles when the kiss cam panned their direction. In the video, the actress is seen initially shocked and obviously shy. On the other hand, Ashton looked like he was up for the deed.

Turning his cap around to clear obstruction, the 36-year old actor went ahead and kissed the actress while Barry White's Can't Get Enough of Your Love played on the background. He is also seen pointing to the camera after the smooch while Mila seemed to be flustered and shy, covering her mouth.

The two will be reunited again on-screen in an upcoming episode of Ashton's Two and a Half Men which guests Mila as Vivian, says CNN. But before that, watch Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis lock lips for the Clippers kiss cam below.