The break-up and on-going divorce of former Olympian Johnny Weir and estranged husband Victor Voronov are quickly unraveling as new details continue to surface.

According to People Magazine, Voronov, a lawyer by profession, has filed with a New Jersey court a request for financial support and the return of their dog named, "Tëma."

Court papers which have been obtained by the magazine indicate that the dog, a Japaniese Chin, was a gift from Weir as an apology after Voronov caught Weir "sexting with another man." Voronov says he's been the caretaker of the pet and both have developed a bond and has been devastated after the figure skater removed the dog from their home.

"I trained him, walked him, took him to the veterinarian," Voronov says. "As a direct result of often being home alone while [Weir] was promoting his 'image,' it is Tëma that kept me company."

This isn't all that Jonny's soon-to-be-ex-husband has revealed of their relationship. Voronov has accused the Olympic commentator of cheating on him multiple times including an affair with a Chicago club owner and sexting with a porn star, says TMZ.

In addition to this, Victor claims that Johnny "forced" him to come out of the closet that he claims that their marriage could very well be part of an elaborate plan of Johnny to become a reality star. When the couple met, apparently Voronov was a heterosexual man struggling with his identity until he was pressured by Weir to declare he was gay.

The Georgetown educated lawyer has asked the court to have Johnny return some items taken from their apartment, which include: Crocodile Celine bag, 40 Balencia bags, 20 furs (including a $125K sable), Green Hermes shoulder Birkin, Orange Hermes 35cm Birkin and 12 Chanel bags.

A source of TMZ claims the items being requested by Voronov were Johnny's before their marriage and says Weir "categorically denies" the adultery allegations.