Orange Is the New Black, or OITNB for short, is the finest dark comedy on the air (ergo web) today. The show centers around a good girl who did a bad, bad thing in her past. And when her ex-girlfriend rats her out to the feds in exchange for a reduced sentence, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) winds up paying the price. That price amounts to serving well over a year in an upstate New York women's penitentiary.

Season One debuted last summer, but unlike a traditional broadcast or cable TV show, every episode comes out at one time. Since Netflix releases all of their own original content in this manner, most OITNB fans have already watched and re-watched the series multiple times. As a result, fans desperately need more OITNB lest they do something crazy and end up in the slammer themselves!

So what can viewers expect from season two? Well, for one, the show will do a better job of letting viewers get to know each and every character. The first season focused mostly on the good-girl-gone-bad, Piper Chapman, and her complex, bisexual love life with Alex Vause, the women who gave her up to the feds, and Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs), her fiancé.

Series creator Jenji Kohan and some of the cast were on hand at the Paley Center for Media's PaleyFest. They shared their thoughts on what looks to be a great second season.

Laura Prepon who plays Alex Vause told attendees that "the storyline that happened is going to be awesome and shocking and rad and fans are going to be really happy." And "...the funny thing is that it was a scheduling thing that happened with another project, and Jenji and I were like, cool, we're going to work it out so Alex can be in as many as possible."

Also a new character by the name of Vee will be joining the fold. Described by actress Lorraine Toussaint as a "street-wise drug maven who runs children," the new, rough character should be a great addition to an already stellar cast of characters.

Toussaint went on to say that "Jenji has written a character that plays, and enjoys it, and is incredibly engaging, and who wants to bring everyone into the big game."

Orange Is the New Black is Netflix's most successful original series ever, but will you be logging on to check out the second season when it drops on June 6, 2014? Let us know in the comments section below.