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Former RBD Star Christian Chávez Revealed Anahí Saved Him After Suicide Attempt [Watch]

First Posted: Nov 16, 2015 04:09 PM EST

Photo : Christian Chávez/Instagram

Three years after attempting to take his life, former RBD star Christian Chávez sat down with "Despierta América" to discuss his struggle and revealed his former bandmate, Anahí, was there to help him out of the dark moment in his life.

According to TVNotas, the singer and actor finally opened up about his 2013 suicide attempt in an interview aired on Nov. 13. The actor, who was dealing with depression and addiction at the time, shared graphic photos on his Twitter account that showed cuts on his arms and revealed his suicidal nature.

"It's something that I haven't shared because it was tough. I wasn't Christian Chávez the singer, I wasn't Christian Chávez the actor, I was the one who came out in magazines because of scandals, or some other news that came out...I started losing my values, I started deceiving what my family had instilled in me," he explained in the interview.

"There were moments when I didn't want to get out of bed, I didn't want to look in the mirror or go out, I didn't want the sun to hit me...I felt like garbage."

Now in a better place, the actor is focusing on his career. However, Chávez revealed he had help from singer Anahí when it came to getting better.

According to Chávez, after he publicized the images on social media Anahí got scared and rushed to see him. She and the people she was with broke his door to get in. When Chávez woke up he recalled Anahí slapping him to wake up.

"Anahí is a person with a special soul, if she woudn't have arrived I wouldn't be here," said Chávez.

The two continue to remain close and often share social media post about one another like Anahí did when she shared an image in honor of Chávez's birthday on Instagram in August.

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Check out the exclusive interview  with Chávez below.

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